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Code4Armour™: medical alert band speaks when you can’t

medic-markCode4Armour™ recently unveiled a battery-free, shock and water-resistant medical alert band. The novel band works in conjunction with a mobile app to provide important information when the person. The device is particularly effective when the person can’t speak for themselves.

Mark Litman, the company’s Founder and Chief Evangelist, took a few minutes away from his product launch to speak with Living Well With Epilepsy about how this new band.

On Code4Armour™

JESSICA KEENAN SMITH: Mark, thank you again for speaking with Living Well With Epilepsy during such a busy time. Can you give us a sense of how Code4Armour™ is different from other medical alert bracelets?

MARK LITMAN: Sure, I’d be happy to. Those first minutes at an emergency scene are critical. Code4Armour™ is a wearable device and mobile app that can provide EMTs and Paramedics instant access to vital medical Information when a person is experiencing a medical emergency. Code4Armour™ literally speaks when the patient can’t.

C4A-BandSMITH: How does it work?

LITMAN: The Code4Armour™ solution is on a playing field all its own. It’s the only alert system with the capability to deliver vital health information in seconds and hands-free via our patent pending VitalSpeak™ text-to-speech engine.

SMITH: How does this work with a mobile phone?

The alert service communicates health information to first responders in just seconds in the event of an emergency.

The Inspiration

SMITH: I’m curious, what inspired the band?

LITMAN: As a paramedic who has attended thousands of  medical  emergencies,  I know  that one of the biggest challenges when arriving on scene can be accessing critical information on the patient. This gets amplified when the patient has a special medical need such as epilepsy.

c4a_androidSMITH: Have any first responders tried out the band?

LITMAN: We have been working with the 52 EMS services across Ontario implementing pilot programs. Our goal is to have every service in Ontario utilizing Code4Armour™ by the end of the year.

SMITH: That’s amazing. What sort of response have you had from EMTs and Paramedics?

LITMAN: The organizations we have spoken to are relieved when they see the Code4Armour™ solution in action, often communicating that it’s exactly the sort of tool they’ve been hoping for.

SMITH: What is the benefit to a person with epilepsy?

LITMAN: Code4Armour™ can provide support to people unable to communicate for themselves in an emergency.  It is also a great resource for people with conditions that effect gross or fine motor skills.

How to Order

SMITH: What is the best way to order a band?

LITMAN: Between now and November 9 you can order your band through our IndiGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

SMITH: How can we participate in the crowdfunding campaign.

LITMAN: I’m really pleased to announce that Code4Armour™ reached 25% of its overall funding goal within the first six hours. Your order can help us get bands in the hands as quickly as possible.

IndiGoGo Campaign

For More Information

For more updates visit Code4Armour™ on Facebook and Twitter.

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