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Running stinks but so does SUDEP


#Running2Live Series

Okay guys, I promised myself, I promised you, I promised my husband, but most important I promised my daughter, I would start running. But seriously, running stinks. I’ve made a little progress. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Step 1: Sneakers

I pulled out my sneakers. They still fit which is good because I really don’t want to go buy a new pair. But maybe that doesn’t count since I pulled them out to take a pic for the last blog post. hmmm, oh well.

Step 2: Gear

The timing of this was perfect. My sister gave me a big fat gift certificate to GAP/Banana Republic/Piperlime/Athleta/OldNavy. I looked on all the sites and wanted to get the best bang for my buck so I bought some workout gear from Old Navy. They were having an after christmas sale. So with my gift certificate I was able to get two pairs of workout pants and a workout top I will be able to wear throughout the winter. Oh did I mention, it is damn cold here.

Step 3: Map My Run

I went online to MapMyRun.com to create a 1 mile, 1.5 mile, and a 3.1 mile loop. Then I showed my daughter the loops. She agreed they were not that bad. However, I might feel differently when I am actually trying to run them.

When I told a friend I had mapped my run she asked details that made it clear to me she thought I had actually run one of these loops. I laughed and said, “Oh I haven’t run yet, I just mapped the run.”

Step 4: Get outside

We have sort of a big goofy dog as seen above. She’s always happy to go for another walk. So, I decided to take the dog on a walk following the 1 mile loop. That was a good start especially since it was freezing out.

The next day I took her for what I hoped would be a run. That adventure was not nearly as successful. I knew the dog would not be a good running partner but she was a good excuse to get outside. That turned into more of a run/walk/sniff/stop/bark at other dogs/walk/sniff/run/walk. This was not what I had in mind. But at least I got outside.

More later

That’s all I’ve done so far. I’ll let you know how the next round goes. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t take a header. After all, I’m not the most graceful creature.



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3 Responses

  1. Ann C.
    | Reply

    You don’t HAVE to run. A nice brisk walk can be much more enjoyable (stop and smell the flowers), give you nearly the same cardiac boost, be gentler on your joints and perhaps give you the incentive to gradually work up to running. Walk-run-walk-run. You won’t keep at it if you hate it. I have the same risks as you and I walk, swim, spin, snowshoe, garden, shovel snow, garden … Notice I’m sneaking the fun things in with the not-so-fun??? And … I’m in a cold climate.

    • Jessica Keenan Smith
      | Reply

      I smiled as I read your post. The problem is I would be perfectly happy to sit at my computer all day every day. So it’s time to get up and move.

  2. lenny matthews
    | Reply

    I’ll go with Ann…but Jessica is right, I also would be fine just sitting on this computer. Thank goodness for “Chester” and the fact my backdoor are trails up to the Mendocino National Forest…But seriously, I am 60 ,in fairly good shape but have been on meds all my lifetime for epilepsy. This article has me concerned.

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