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Meet Emily, Living Well’s new writer

EmilyThe teen perspective on living with epilepsy

I am pleased to introduce you to Living Well With Epilepsy’s new contributing writer, Emily-Sian Donoghue. Emily is a 19 year-old who is living with epilepsy in England. You may remember her from a few of her personal stories.

Each time Emily submitted a story to Living Well you let me know how much you identify with her experiences. And because, well, I’m not a teen anymore, I asked if she would consider writing for Living Well With Epilepsy.

Emily’s earlier stories:

Just in case you missed them, I’ve included links to Emily’s personal stories.

Emily’s Story: Absence Seizures – Part 1

Emily’s Story: Petit Mal Seizures – Part 2

Emily’s Story: Now Adjusting to Tonic Clonic Seizures

A new column

I have to say I was thrilled when Emily said yes. Her writing is great, she is living with epilepsy, and she brings a whole new perspective to Living Well. Be sure to keep an eye out for her column, “Emily’s Perspective”. Her column will run on the 3rd Thursday of each month so mark your calendars. Keep an eye out for first article on living with epilepsy and driving on July 17.

A sneak peek from Emily

I thought I’d include a snippet of her writing here. Let us know what you think.

Loneliness is a dark place. It’s like sitting in a room at night by yourself and feeling like ‘this is forever.’ It’s like being in a place with a thousand people, but feeling invisible to every one of them. Loneliness is feeling like you are meant to suffer alone. That is what Epilepsy was like for me from the beginning.


In all areas of our lives, we take risks. Sometimes taking a risk can mean trying something new or challenging yourself in a positive way. This is something I have always wanted to do, to go skydiving, deep sea diving, horseback riding, anything exciting you can think of! I would love to just get on an aeroplane and visit a country of different culture to where I live, but I can’t, because of my seizures.

Write for Living Well

If you are interested in writing for Living Well With Epilepsy just complete the form. Or you can submit your personal story. I can’t wait to hear your feedback on our new column.


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