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Mark your calendar for the next #LivingWellChat

#LivingWellChat, Dec 2014On December 15, at 8:00 pm ET, Living Well With Epilepsy will have our next #LivingWellChat on Twitter. Join us as we chat with featured guest Dr. David Burdette of Spectrum Health Medical Group.

What is #livingwellchat?

#livingwellchat is a live conversation on Twitter which is hosted by Living Well With Epilepsy. You can participate in the conversation by logging on to Twitter at the time of the chat. Be sure to enter in the hashtag #livingwellchat so you see all the comments and responses.

What will the chat cover?

We will learn more about refractory epilepsy, status epilepticus, and some common epilepsy myths.

Who is Dr. Burdette?

David Burdette, MD, is Chief of the Epilepsy Section at Spectrum Heath Medical Group. He is a neurologist who sub-specializes in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology.

Here’s a video interview with Dr. Burdette

How to Join the Twitter Chat

  • Join us via Twitter on Monday, December 15, at 8 pm ET
  • Follow @jessicaksmith on Twitter, and tweet us your questions and comments.
  • Join the conversation using the hashtag: #LivingWellChat

Share your stories, questions, issues on living well with epilepsy. Make sure you add hashtag #LivingWellChat to your tweets.

Want to submit questions in advance?

If you have questions for Dr. Burdette just submit them in the comments below.

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