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EpilepsyBlogger needs your help

beautifulmandyA while back I heard from my friend Mandy, you may know her as EpilepsyBlogger. I was sad and frightened to learn that her seizure activity had dramatically increased.

See, for as long as I’ve known this amazing young woman, she has proven herself to be a strong and smart advocate for people living with epilepsy. She is an inspiration to me and I hope you take a moment to get to know her.

Our Advocate

This year, Mandy had brain surgery to control her seizures. A surgeon removed Mandy’s left hippocampus completely, part of her left occipital and part of her left temporal lobe. As a result this gladiator, this advocate, will need therapy to be able to read. But she still manages to write – even surgery can’t stop her.

mandyssurgeryAnd now Mandy, who previously had upwards of 30 seizures every day, has not had any since her surgery.  She does however, have years of therapy ahead of her.

Those of us who have met Mandy, know that she will tackle this surgery and her therapy with the same fire and determination that she applies to everything in her life.


Family and friends unite

love and stitchesThe family & friends of Mandy are uniting to raise money to help in her battle against epilepsy. Visit this link to learn how you can help Mandy reach her goal: http://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/yz12/amandasfightagainstepilepsy



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  1. Cindy hesterberg
    | Reply

    hi. I just found this blog in neurology today . I need to talk to people too. I just found Mandy’s story! omg. our 21 yr old son Cory, has had epilepsy since age 7. he suffers learning disabilities from the great amount of seizures he had in the first 30 days, like, 150! in 07′ cory got the vagus stimulator. his seizures wore the first one in 5 yrs. dec of 2011, he got his new one. in July of 2012, our dr . informed us the new on in almost worn out. in oct. 12′. cory went in hospital for wk. long EEG , on 5th day went into status elepticus. God was there & held my son . he made it, took him 2 weeks to get his strength back. well , may 1st cory has his WADA test , the next step for brain surgery!! surgery is planned for June. please, join me in prayer, & feel free to email me. thanku

  2. Jonathon
    | Reply

    Hi i was diagnosed with Epilepsy when i was 10-12 that when my parents found out because i was shareing a bed with them for a while normaly i had my own bed . I most likely had Epilepsy from a much earlier age i am now over 53 had them about 1-2 months then they increased to about 1 a month to every 10 days .
    I live my life as positive as i can . And I am very independent dont rely on anybody live it as normal as can be.
    Last time i had a seziure i fell forward and cut open forhead above the right eye , and had 12 stiches another time had 6 stiches left eye

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