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Survey says: Thumbs up on new epilepsy site

Earlier this month I asked for feedback on the new site. I’ve heard from a number of you and I wanted to share the preliminary results.

Two Thumbs Up
I had hoped you would like the new site, so I was pleased to find such high percentages in the “Strongly Agree” category when asked about the site design. See what I mean:

1. Do you feel the new logo more accurately represents Living Well With Epilepsy’s mission?
60% Strongly Agree

2. Do you feel the appearance of the new site is more appealing to you as a reader?
73.3% Strongly Agree

3. Do you feel the information on the new website is more easily accessible?
73.3% Strongly Agree

A few surprises
I was surprised by some answers in the demographics section. You may be too:

4. Do you have epilepsy?
71.4%  said NO

5. How old are you?
46.7% 18-24 years old
33.3% 35-42 years old

6. Are you male or female?
46.7% Male
53.3% Female
(this makes me happy since the previous design seemed to draw a predominantly female audience, which is fine, but guys get epilepsy too!)

7. How did you first learn about Living Well With Epilepsy?
38.5% Facebook
23.1% Search Engine
15.4% Twitter

The Epilepsies
Take a look at how varied the types of seizures some of these respondents experience.

8. What types of seizures do you experience?

  • Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  • Complex Petite Mal
  • Compex Partial
  • Myoclonic Absence Epilepsy
  • Grand Mal Complex Partial
  • Idiopathic (no known cause)

Great Ideas
You also submitted some great ideas to be covered throughout the coming year. I look forward to digging in on these topics.

9. What topics would you like to see covered in the coming year?

  • How best to cope with bad times.
  • Explain fully neurosurgery along with success and failure rates.
  • AED’s success and failure rates.
  • How epilepsy affects ones memory.
  • Install Helplines 24/7
  • fundraisers
  • meds
  • new procedures
  • Teaching Awareness of epilepsy
  • Personal stories
  • diet specific posts
  • more personal posts by Jessica
  • new studies
  • more about current events in the epilepsy awareness campaign
  • Anything informing
  • Drug/medication reviews

If you have not completed the survey, there is still time.

Are surprised by any of the results? Leave a comment below.

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