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Let’s get interactive: What’s your epilepsy New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New Year! According to all the Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions lists I could find, the following resolutions were the most common:
1) Lose weight
2) Get organized
3) Spend less/save money
4) Work out more
5) Enjoy life/ Have more fun
6) Learn something new/exciting
7) Quit Smoking/drinking/etc.
8) Help others
9) Fall in love/find life partner
10) Spend more time with family

These are great but they’re pretty generic. And they certainly won’t make any headway in the fight against epilepsy.

Epilepsy Resolution or Revolution

So rather than a generic list of resolutions, I’d like to begin 2011 featuring your epilepsy New Year’s Resolutions. I sent a request out via twitter to send me resolutions.

Mike in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada said:
“My main resolution is to raise more awareness. Subsequently I plan to hold a 10k plus fundraiser for Epilepsy Halton Peel and research.”

Thanks Mike, for sending in your resolution.

Angela G. of South Jordan, Utah said:
“Forget RESOLUTIONS: make a new year REVOLUTION and fight the fear and stigma of #epilepsy#happynewyear and here’s to a #seizure free 2011″. You can follow the revolution on twitter and at http://www.purpleday5k.com/

That’s a great one Angela. 

Kris U. of Vermont said:
“My epilepsy resolution would be to have a completely siezure-free year. However, I’m not sure this is possible given the last two years. So, in lieu of that, I hope to find a medication that actually works/controls the seizures. That would mean seizure-free could be an option, without making me loopy, taken over by crazy side-effects, or whatever else.”
To hear more from Kris, you can check her out at Writing In The Mountains and at All Things Mothering.

I’m sure you’re not alone in that one Kris!

Melissa of Palm Bay, Florida said:
“My resolution is to continue spreading the word about epilepsy and seizures. So many people think something is “wrong” or that I’m “sick.””
Check out Melissa’s site at shorthairdiva.com.

We’ll chip away on this together. Thanks Melissa.

Gina of Colorado said:
“My Resolution? Finding the right med or making the IVIG treatment that may come as easy as possible for my son.”
Visit Gina’s site at specialhappens.com.

My fingers are crossed Gina.

My Resolutions
I’ve also made a few myself:
1.) Expand outreach to promote the work of epilepsy organizations throughout the world
2.) Guest blog to increase epilepsy awareness
3.) Provide a space for other writers with epilepsy looking to speak out

Send in your resolution
So send me your resolutions to livingwellwithepilepsy@gmail.com or comment below. If you don’t follow me yet, you can find me on twitter @jessicaksmith. I plan to reach out to you all more this year, so follow me and get the word out on what matters to you.

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