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Check out the Epilepsy Blogger Directory

Photo credit: Jack Delano, circa 1940

I have created an online directory of bloggers and websites that are dedicated to communicating information on epilepsy. I searched for something similar and came up empty. (hence the picture of the card catalog). So, I created my own using inlinks which will stay live on Living Well With Epilepsy on the page labeled Directory.

Add your own site
The tool allows site owners to visit the directory and add their own blog or site whenever it suits them. I encourage you to add your site and to have friends and colleagues add their sites as well. I hope that this epilepsy blogger directory will continue to grow.

Ideas are welcome
If you have ideas on how we can make the directory better please feel free to let me know. You can comment below or on the directory page. Or you can always send a note to livingwellwithepilepsy@gmail.com.

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